Continual increases in road and air traffic, high density residential redevelopment of urban sites… heightened exposure and sensitivity to environmental noise and vibration go hand in hand with modern living.

At 24 Acoustics we understand environmental noise… how it’s created, how to assess it – and how to manage it.

Tackling our clients’ environmental noise and vibration emissions is a key area of our work. From environmental impact assessments in support of planning applications (for developments that generate noise or may themselves be sensitive to existing ambient noise) to mitigating or defending existing noise or vibration emissions, we offer a wide range of highly specialised services, including:

Noise and vibration surveys
Noise / vibration impact assessments

Planning noise assessments for all industries, including compliance monitoring for environmental permits and the construction industry.

Modelling and predicting

Modelling and predicting transport and industrial noise sources and their effects on the community.

Noise mapping
Liaison and negotiation

with local authorities.

Expert witness services

Attendance at planning appeals, public enquiries, licensing hearings and courts of law, including the preparation and provision of written representations.

Entertainment license assessments
Engineering noise control

Reducing noise / vibration from industrial plant on the community.

Case Studies