Room Acoustics

In order to enhance sound quality within a space, 24 Acoustics can undertake analyses of both small and large rooms for both music and speech.

Usually our work revolves around a software-based interactive model which can be imported directly from architectural CAD files. The model forms the foundation of our recommendations with respect to material finishes (eg, soft furnishings, acoustic diffusers) and any speech reinforcement/PA systems.

For rooms used mainly for speech, the model normally centres on speech intelligibility. This important parameter accounts not only for room shape and surface finishes but includes the background noise level which can strongly influence intelligibility, particularly over longer distances between talker and listener.

For rooms to be used mainly for music, it is normally desirable to have a longer reverberation time than that for speech. In achieving this, it is also necessary to ensure that the room is free of acoustic faults (eg, flutter echoes) and long delays.

Many rooms have multipurpose uses and require an acoustic environment both suitable for speech and music.  This can necessitate features such as variable acoustics that are tuned by the user before each performance which can be provide via provision of variable absorptive surfaces and diffusers or by using PA/ music reinforcement systems to artificially create reverberation within a space.

Case Studies