Sound Insulation in Residential Dwellings

Approved Document E of the Building Regulations (2000) have four basic requirements. These relate to the sound insulation of party wall and party floor elements between dwellings (or rooms used for residential purposes), the sound insulation of internal walls and floors, the control of reverberation within communal areas and the acoustics of schools (which is detailed in Building Bulletin 93).

For residential properties the Regulations also require the builder to undertake pre-completion sound insulation testing of a sample of the party walls and party floors to demonstrate to the building control body that compliance with Part E has been achieved.  House builders and developers are, however, excempt from undertaking pre-completion sound insulation testing if their development is registered with Robust Details.

24 Acoustics provides design advice, site inspections and pre-completion sound insulation testing to those involved in design and construction of residential properties and rooms for residential purposes (e.g. hotels, residential care homes).  In addition we also act as specialist technical inspectors for Robust Details and have a wealth of knowledge relating to sound insulation as a result.

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