Transportation Planning

More people are affected by noise from transportation sources than any other. The nature and extent of the impact is dependent on the source and how the impact is assessed depends on the particular circumstances.

For road, rail and air transport, there are established models for predicting the noise, and various guidelines exist for interpreting those predictions.

The services available in this area include:

  • Baseline monitoring;
  • Computer based modelling of road traffic, rail traffic and aircraft noise and vibration from road and rail sources<
  • Assessment of the impact according to standard procedures, including the DMRB, GOMMS and BS 8233;
  • Assessment of vibration impact according to BS 6472 and BS 7385;
  • Provision of advice on mitigation, including noise barrier design and source location;
  • Determination of eligibility for compensation under the Noise Insulation Regulations.

Case Studies